What is Joanna’s Reflections In Christ about?


I’m Joanna and Welcome to Joanna’s Reflections in Christ.

Joanna’s Reflections in Christ is not a new thing. It has been Joanna’s Reflections for the past four years. It has been my baby. I birthed this blog out of the search for answers and the need for principles by which to live. I have put my heart and soul into every post and I feel as though I have reached the peak.

It is time for a new direction. Thus comes, Joanna’s Reflections in Christ. A Christian Lifestyle Blog.

Evolution and change are necessary for the development and growth of man. I have evolved and this requires change, hence the new direction of this blog.

I invite you to join me as I share stories about my life and my walk with Christ. Since I acknowledged him as a major part of my life, my life has never been the same. This joy, I find I cannot hide and must share with you. It will take a lot of vulnerability and courage to share my life with you but all good things must start in some way.

I hope this blog can become a safe place for anyone and everyone to learn, discover as well as ask questions. Feel free to comment and contact me to engage in conversation on anything.

I hope you enjoy it here and that you learn something new.

With Love,


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