I’m Joanna and it has taken me a while to arrive at the decision that writing is something I love to do. They say get something to do that builds your creativity and writing is it for me. I love to write, especially being an INFJ what-with the need to blubber away about all the things I’ve learnt or know. Writing gives me the avenue to spill out to my heart’s content.

I’m a young adult and my blog’s ideal reader is the young adult but really, anyone can enjoy my work. I speak on life;because there’s no end to learning about the mystery of life, love; because love is puzzling and exhilarating all in one swing and adulting; which I was once excited for and now see it differently.

My work is relatable to people of all ages. Everyone can find my articles enlightening, inspiring and eye-opening. I think it’s important for all of us to be equipped with the tools to life, especially as young adults. Life today is way different from how it was thirty years ago, with technology and ever changing pop-culture, the principles of life still remain the same. It’s important we drown out the noise of the busy world and recall all that’s important to handle and take on life.

Life is meant to be enjoyed and what better way to do that when you’re ready for it. That’s what my blog is about.

I hope you’re going to enjoy it here.

Welcome to the Jo-verse.

Love, Joanna♥️♥️